Image of an older, senior dog.


Senior Pet Care in Mississauga

You love your pet and want to help them feel comfortable during their senior years. At Southdown Animal Clinic, we offer senior pet care for cats, dogs, and pocket pets like rabbits. Our team is passionate about helping your furry friend feel great through every stage of life, including their golden years.

We proudly provide comprehensive care for the senior pets in Mississauga. Our team cares about your pet's physical, emotional, and oral health, and we tailor our services to meet your pet's specific needs. You can rely on our team to consistently make your pet a priority, including weight and pain management, so their senior years are filled with love and cuddles. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


What Does Senior Pet Care Include?

As your pet ages, its needs change. Senior pets need proper nutrition to maintain their overall health, and they may face a variety of issues, from diabetes and arthritis to vision and breathing difficulties. Our compassionate team performs a careful examination, including x-rays, blood work, and ultrasounds, to determine your pet's needs. We then craft a treatment plan to boost their health and improve their comfort. We understand that you love your pet and want the best for them. That is why we equip you with the information, medication, or procedures needed to keep your senior dog or cat happy and healthy.

Senior Pet Pain Management in Mississauga

Your pet may show signs of aging in how the fur starts to turn grey around their nose or eyebrows, but you may also notice other physical symptoms like a limp, how slowly they stand up, or that they don't carry their tail as high as they did when they were younger. Older pets slow down or become less mobile when they're in pain. That's why we perform a thorough exam to determine the source of the pain and how best to address it. We offer pain relief like Metacam® to alleviate arthritis and help your furry friend feel comfortable and restore their mobility.

Senior Pet Weight Management in Mississauga

Weight gain or loss can be an indication of other health issues, which is why our team keeps a close eye on your senior pet's physique. We offer helpful tips and insight so you can help your older cat or dog with weight management to improve their health and overall quality of life. Your pet's weight directly affects their daily lives because having excess weight puts additional stress on their joints, which increases the pain of arthritis. It also makes their heart and lungs work harder to pump blood and oxygen, and the strain can cause heart and breathing problems that may shorten their life span.

We understand you love your pet and want as much time with them as possible. That is why we offer helpful tips and information to empower you to help your senior pet with weight management. Whether they need to change their diet due to diabetes or they need additional vitamins to maintain proper nutrition, our team will tailor the treatment to boost your pet's health.

Senior Pet Care FAQs

Every stage of your furry friend's life brings new opportunities to protect their health and quality of life, and it's normal to have questions about how to help them. Our caring team encourages you to ask questions and voice your concerns. We are happy to provide the insight and answers you need to keep your pet in optimal health. Here are some of the most common questions we receive about senior pet care, including pain management and weight management:

How do I know when my pet is considered a senior pet?

The breed and size of your pet determine when your pet is considered a senior. In general, cats who are ten years or older are in their aged years. Dogs have a greater range due to the various heights of dogs and how their size impacts their lifespan, but most dogs become seniors when they reach eight years of age.

If you notice your cat is drinking more water than normal, it's important to visit our team for an evaluation. Increased water intake can indicate a shift in your cat's health, including developing diabetes or a thyroid problem.

Our friendly team will explain what medication your pet needs and the proper dosage and show you how to administer the medicine. We want you to feel confident taking care of your aging pet, regardless of what medication they need to thrive.

Pain Management for Senior Pets in Mississauga

You want your pet to enjoy a long, healthy life. At Southdown Animal Clinic, we offer quality senior pet care, including pain and weight management in Mississauga. Our team cares about your peace of mind as well as your pet's, which is why we combine open discussion and a gentle bedside manner to help your pet feel comfortable and safe. We are committed to helping your pet enjoy their senior years with your family through our comprehensive services. Contact us today to learn more about our senior pet care.