Dr. D. V. Warren

Veterinarian & Founder

Education: University of Guelph, OVC

Pets: Champ Dog or also answers to Frog Dog , Lily Peche

Dr. Donald V Warren graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph over 35 years ago and has always been in companion animal practice. It has always been his primary goal to provide only the state of the art veterinary medicine and client services in an atmosphere that ensures warmth, understanding, and the best results in a caring sensitive way. The importance of attention to detail, creativity, quality assurance, hard work, continuing education, fine tuning and a passion to excel  are paramount for all our staff in achieving optimum patient care. His professional interests include public relations, admiration of the intriguing connection with one’s pets, surgery at all levels, basic and advanced diagnostics and anything new that makes for better medical care.

He has served on a number of veterinary professional organizations over the years, stays active, values family and embraces the joy of living life.

Dr. S. Pocha


Education: Ontario Veterinary College

Dr.  Schere Pocha joined Southdown Animal Clinic in 2001 after graduating from the Ontario Veterinary College. She is always eager to learn new information in the veterinary field.  In addition to attending continuing education conferences she has completed the Ontario Veterinary College Lifelearn courses in endoscopy, ultrasound and cruciate surgery. Dr. Pocha enjoys working with patients and believes that preventative medicine is the best way to increase the quality and longevity of our furry friends lives. She is very understanding and supportive of the bond between people and their pets, and works to uphold the highest professional and ethical standards of the profession.

Outside of veterinary medicine Dr. Pocha’s interests include traveling, reading, painting and taking community courses like pottery, salsa dancing, belly dancing and golf. Dr. Pocha shares her home with Charlie, a Potcake rescue and her two adorable senior kitties Moe and Purrcy.

Dr. S. Letic


Education: University of Guelph, OVC

Dr. Letic attended the University of Guelph for her undergraduate studies, and graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2006. Her career at Southdown Animal Clinic started as a veterinary externship student in the summer of 2005 and she was thrilled to become part of the Southdown team after her graduation. Dr Letic is passionate about strengthening the human-animal bond, and strives to provide high quality care to promote that relationship. She enjoys the daily challenges presented by each pet, and actively pursues ongoing research to provide the most suitable diagnostic and treatment options. Her interests lie in surgery, pain management and dentistry . Dr. Letic has completed courses in ultrasonography, cruciate repair, and fundamentals of orthopedic external fixation techniques.

During her free time Dr. Letic enjoys the outdoors particularly hiking, trail biking, canoeing and going on camping adventures with her husband. They live with their two  lovable cats Marcus and Josephine, and were extremely happy to welcome a son in January 2014 and a daughter in March 2016.

Dr. K. Jankovics


Education: University of Guelph, OVC

Dr. Jankovics graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2017, and joined the Southdown Animal Clinic team immediately after graduation. Katie was a summer student during her university years at our sister clinic, Oakville Animal Clinic, from 2011-2016. Although Dr. Jankovics enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine, she has a special interest in dentistry, surgery, ultrasonography and pain management. She is very excited to be working here at Southdown and getting to know and help our clients and their pets! Dr. Jankovics has already begun to pursue additional continuing education courses and conferences in ultrasonography, and looks forward to other topics in the future.

In her spare time, Dr. Jankovics can typically be found snuggling her cat Poppy, or doing one of her slightly more active hobbies, such as horseback riding, rock climbing, or working out at her local Hamilton gym.

Dr. H. Waters


Education: University of Guelph, OVC

Dr. Waters graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2016, after completing an Honours Bachelor of Science degree at Queen’s University. Dr. Waters worked at Oakville Animal Clinic as a veterinary assistant, and volunteered at our sister clinic, Southdown Animal Clinic, before applying to veterinary school in 2012. In the summer of 2016 she proudly began her veterinary career with Oakville/Southdown Animal Clinics. She practices at our Oakville Animal Clinic.  Dr. Waters’ special interests in veterinary medicine include ophthalmology, dermatology, pain management and surgery. Outside of our hospitals, Dr. Waters interests include travelling, horseback riding and downhill skiing.

Dr. C. Pizzolon


Dr. Pizzolon began at Southdown Animal clinic as a volunteer after completing her Bio Medical degree at the University of Guelph in 2014. In 2017, Dr. Pizzolon completed her Masters of Science degree at the Ontario Veterinary College in the department of Population Medicine where she focused on Exploring teamwork, empathy and professional quality of life in small animal practices. Shortly after this she was accepted into the veterinary program at the University College of Dublin and completed her degree in June 2021. In her spare time, she enjoys rock climbing, cooking, drawing and spending time with her favourite horse Chloe and her wee chihuahua Winnie. We are pleased that not only did she work part time for one year after graduating with us at our Oakville Animal Clinic but she now practices emergency medicine full time in a nearby Burlington Emergency Clinic.

Nancy D.

Hospital Manager

Nancy’s connection to Southdown Animal Clinic began in 1998 as a co-op student, and she quickly joined our full time staff in 1999. Nancy’s ability to multitask has enabled her to gain experience in a variety of aspects of the clinic including nursing care, client services and managerial tasks. She has a special interest in educating children during tours of the clinic and manages high school students during their co-op placement at Southdown Animal Clinic. Nancy enjoys interacting with our clients,  her cheerful and pleasant demeanor will greet you at the reception desk as you walk into the hospital.

Things are never quiet in the Downing household! Matt and Nancy have two small children, Jackson and Evynn as well as a very energetic lab mix named Oliver, and two cats, Vader and Nora. The family loves spending time together and being active! When Nancy does have a moment to herself , she enjoys attending her kickboxing and boot camp classes.

Emily F.

Junior Manager

Emily completed the co-op program at Southdown Animal Clinic in June of 2017. Since 2014, she has been volunteering with the Etobicoke Humane Society as a member of the med team and as an adoption coordinator. This is what sparked her interest in the medical welfare of animals. She has since been enjoying all of the learning experiences she has gained from Southdown Animal Clinic, and in the future, Emily plans to study to become a Veterinary Technician. Emily has three pets of her own at home: a beautiful black cat named Shadow, Monster the leopard gecko, and Ghost the ball python.


Registered Veterinary Technician

Education: University of Sarajevo

Tatjana is a 1988 graduate of the Veterinary School at the University of Sarajevo. Soon after coming to Canada she started volunteering at Southdown Animal Clinic, and she was quickly offered a veterinary technician position. Tatjana enjoys assisting in surgery, ultrasound exams, endoscopy and patient care. She has completed professional training in ultrasonography and has also attended courses in urinalysis and dentistry. Outside of veterinary medicine Tatjana enjoys reading and spending time with her family and friends including Henry an adorable brown tabby adopted from Oakville Humane Society in 2011.


Registered Veterinary Technician

Education: Sheridan College

Gabriella came to Southdown Animal Clinic for a co-op placement from St. Marcellinus School in 2012. Gabriella was working with us part-time as she completed the Veterinary Technician Program at Sheridan College. Gabriella is a positive, energetic person with an abundance of talent, who enjoys interacting with our clients and patients. Gabriella enjoys spending time with her beagle Mylo. We are proud that Gabriella graduated with a Veterinary Technician Diploma in May 2016 and best of all she has joined our veterinary team as a full time Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT).


Registered Veterinary Technician

Rhiannon joined the Southdown team as a volunteer in 2013 when she was first interested in joining the veterinary field and continued to volunteer during the summers of her Veterinary Technician program at Seneca. As of July 2018, Rhiannon has graduated with a Veterinary Technician diploma, qualified as a registered veterinary technician, and has officially joined our team of veterinary technicians. When not at the clinic, Rhiannon spends her free time taking care of her two very special rescue cats, Lilo and Hamish. When not caring for animals, Rhiannon enjoys burying her nose in a good book or starting another writing project.

Victoria S.

Veterinary Assistant

Education: University of Guelph

Victoria began working at Southdown Animal Clinic in July 2018 as a receptionist. She hopes to one day use the knowledge and experience gained at the clinic in order to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. Victoria is currently a student at the University of Guelph studying biology with the ultimate goal of attending the Ontario Veterinary College. She continues to work part time during the year working around her studies. Apart from school and work, Victoria loves to spend her time reading, painting, traveling, and simply just lounging around with her cat, Echo.

Isabella V.

Veterinary Assistant

After graduating the Sheridan College Animal Care program, Isabella began volunteering at Southdown Animal Clinic in March 2021 and became a team member in August of the same year. She is a very ambitious individual and is excited to be learning more hands on experience while working. In her free time Isabella enjoys cooking, listening to music and spending time with her fur baby Myla, a golden doodle.

Andrea C.

Veterinary Assistant

Ashley R.

Veterinary Assistant

P.G. Lily Peche

Client Relations

Lily, a Portuguese Water Dog, was born December 13, 2011.  Her lineage is a result of artificial insemination using 20 year old frozen semen.  From the moment Lily arrived at Southdown Animal Clinic in March 2012 she was an immediate welcome for Dr. Warren team members.  Lily is very professional greeting our clients when they arrive.  She manages to receive  treats by focusing her beautiful brown compelling eyes at our loving clients! Lily has always loved to play/share with her closest past friends Pupdog and Lola!  Her fun joyous nature has been even been more in demand with the new Champ Dog’s energy and zest for life. She brings maturity and infinite love for everyone.  Lily has been integral with all our family at Southdown Animal Clinic.

Champ Dog

Client Relations

Champ Dog, our newest Portuguese Water Dog, came to us on December 16th 2017, born just one day after the passing of our beloved Pupdog. From the moment Champ joined our team, he tuned our world upside down! Training a puppy to be a clinic ambassador has its challenges, but has also been extremely rewarding. Champ has been learning the ropes of client relations from his big sister Lily, who has been ultimately inspired by Pupdog.

Champ loves interacting with clients and their pets, and also enjoys demonstrating his favorite yoga move, specifically the newly coined position the “frog dog”.

Hannah R.

Veterinary Student

Hannah began at Southdown Animal Clinic as a volunteer in 2019. After completing her undergrad in 2021, she has continued as a summer student employee. She will be entering her 2nd year of the veterinary medicine program at the Ontario Veterinary College this fall.  In her spare time, she enjoys hiking with her dogs Bailey and Lincoln, camping, and horseback riding.

Anaida M.

Veterinary Student

Anaida began at Southdown Animal Clinic as a volunteer in May of 2019. After graduating with a degree in Honours Chemical Biology from McMaster University, she officially joined the team in September. Working here has developed her passion for veterinary medicine. Anaida will begin her first year in the Veterinary Medicine program at the University College Dublin September 2022.

In her spare time she enjoys reading, baking and going on trails with her dog, Patch.

Co-Operative Education Program

Co-operative Education at Southdown Animal Clinic

We welcome grade 11 and grade 12 high school students from Mississauga and Oakville High Schools to actively participate in a learning experience at Southdown Animal Clinic. Students are provided with a structured curriculum that involves hands-on participation in medical cases and client relations along with researching various aspects of a veterinary hospital. On completing their placement students work on a written and oral presentation for their school as well as a display at the clinic. Some of our co-op students (Nancy, Sammy, Chantel, Gabby ,Brittany and Rebecca) have continued on at Southdown Animal Clinic in full and part-time positions fostering their love of the profession and continuing their academic pursuits. We take immense pride in having an inspiring influence on the student’s future endeavours.

Rebecca has summarized her experience here as a Grade 11 high school student in the Fall semester 2014.

” Completing my 2-credit co-op placement at Southdown Animal Clinic in the fall of  2014 was by far the best experience of my high school journey. My placement at the clinic completely exceeded my expectations and left me with valuable skills and experiences that will benefit me far into the future. Not only did I gain exposure to a workplace environment, but I was able to participate in and learn about the various aspects of veterinary medicine. Every day at the clinic brought new experiences and learning opportunities. The Southdown team displays incredible passion for the veterinary field, and it shows in their dedication to the co-operative program. Staff members never hesitated to explain and answer my questions, and were supportive in every way. This placement has been a big part in my decision to pursue a career as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, and is a program that I would strongly recommend to any student with a passion for animals. The co-operative education program is an invaluable experience for any student, and the exceptional program Southdown provides is one that is sure to influence many other students in the future.”


Clarkson High School/Fall 2014

Mary H. , (Retired 2021)

Honorary Team Member

Education: Sheridan College

Following graduation from the Animal Care Program at Sheridan College in 1983, Mary joined Dr. D V  Warren at Southdown Animal Clinic in Mississauga. Over the years, Mary’s primary role as Hospital Manager included daily participation in all facets of our companion animal hospital’s success. Mary understands the special bond our clients have with their pets and always strived for excellence in client care. She was always enthusiastic about her work and greatly enjoyed the interaction with our clients and their pets. Some of her favorite activities curling, golfing, travelling and spending time with family and friends. Mary and her husband Dave share their  home with their cat Jack.


After 37 years on December 31, 2021 Mary has officially retired. She has been an integral part of our organization over the years and when you mention Southdown Animal Clinic in conversation one always thinks Mary. All of us wish her the best in the next phase of life’s journey. Her dedication, compassion, POSITIVE ENERGY and innate ability to see beyond are just a few of her natural talents. She will forever hold the title of “Honorary Team Member”. We cherish that her smile/talent will always be in the fabric of our organization.


PupDog a Portuguese Water Dog (PWD)was born in March 2004. His major professional activities included public relations, welcoming clients and their pets in the reception area, sharing time, and an occasional treat with his many friends. He actively participated in our hospital tours and was truly loved by all of our staff and clients. Just one of PupDog’s many great communicative skills was his ability to convince our many clients that energy comes from the treat jar and was vital in ones daily performance!  One of his greatest joys was playing fetch at the park and spending time with his best friends Lilly Peche, Lola and Leo.  P.G Lilly Peche joined our family in March 2012 (born December 2011) also a Portuguese Water Dog . Pupdog’s enthusiasm, love for life, communicative skills, work ethic has inspired everyone. He just performed with grace, pride, passion and a natural ability. Pupdog lived with good mobility (Rx: for osteoarthritis which included regular laser treatments) and joy even in his latter years.


It was on October 16, 2017  we lost our invaluable team member.

Mr Pupdog really was the public relations expert at our hospital.  He set the standard for all of us. As many have said both staff and clients he was that extraordinary perfect individual.  He leaves us all enriched.

Thank You Mr Pupdog for your the many years of sharing your passion, love, awareness, goodness and appreciation for the music in our everyday living.