Compassionate Puppy & Kitten First Vet Visit

Image of a dog and a cat being seen by a veterinarian.


At Southdown Animal Clinic, we will treat your puppies and kittens with comprehensive services delivered with a gentle touch. Our caring team has a strong compassion for every animal who walks through our doors, especially furry young ones who often need special and focused care. We are devoted to providing your new pets with everything they need to live a long, healthy life by your side.

Located in Mississauga, our experienced veterinary clinic offers kitten or puppy first vet visits to help them enjoy good health and well-being for the coming years. All of our services are delivered in a relaxed environment utilizing our in-house technical resources and years of experience with animal wellness. Our skilled team will provide the valuable insight you need to make informed decisions about your new pet's longevity and overall quality of life. Contact our office today and schedule an appointment!


Why Does My Puppy or Kitten Need a Checkup?

Puppies and kittens have a less mature immune system than their adult counterparts, making them more susceptible to infections and diseases. We provide thorough wellness visits, helping you stay aware and informed regarding your young pet's ever-changing needs as they quickly grow into adulthood.

Your puppy or kitten may seem fine on the outside, but conditions and infections could be developing under the surface. We believe in a proactive approach by performing annual wellness examinations to evaluate their health status and determine if they are ready to receive their first core vaccinations, keeping them protected throughout the approaching year.

What Does a Puppy and Kitten First Vet Visit Entail?

We are committed to delivering efficient and detailed examinations that will check your young pet's entire body for any signs of abnormalities located on the surface of their skin, like lumps, masses, hernias, or rashes. For a more in-depth check, we can run blood tests and utilize our in-house diagnostic technology to further examine their internal health.

You can expect our skilled and attentive veterinary team to carefully check your pet's entire body, including:

  • Eyes, ears, nose, and mouth
  • Skin and coat
  • Weight, size, and proportion
  • Heart & Lungs
  • Body temperature

We know your young pet may experience some anxiety during the process, but we will take extra care to keep them feeling safe and relaxed using our seasoned bedside manner and gentle touch. We have helped generations of young animals to start life on the right foot for a long, beautiful journey full of wellness and happiness by your side.

Our Puppy & Kitten Wellness Services

After the initial examination, we will discuss any important procedures that will help your puppies and kittens enjoy a healthy lifestyle. We're happy to provide guidance on everything from the next steps in spaying or neutering your pet to determining the optimal diet for their breed and activity levels. Our animal wellness visits are guided by a comprehensive approach to health and well-being. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Puppy & Kitten First Vet Visit FAQs

We are caring pet parents, just like you. Our team wants your furry young one to remain a healthy addition to your family for years to come. If you have any questions or concerns, we're ready to provide anything you need upon arrival at our office. Some frequently asked questions regarding puppy or kitten first vet visits include:

Why should puppies and kittens receive vaccinations?

Puppies and kittens haven't become accustomed to common illnesses and infections yet. We offer safe and reliable core vaccinations that will help to spur their immune system, creating antibodies to fight invading germs.

An individual flea will only steal a small amount of blood from your pet, but an infestation can be a serious problem. A puppy or kitten is much more vulnerable to suffering from anemia if exposed to constant flea bites. Our veterinarians will thoroughly inspect your furry young ones for signs of parasitic infection before swiftly providing treatment if needed.

Blood tests help our team determine the red blood cell count of your young pet and if they're possibly suffering from anemia. Bloodwork will also tell us about their organ functions, hormone levels, and electrolyte status.

Trusted Mississauga Kitten & Puppy First Vet Visit

At Southdown Animal Clinic, we are a passionate team working hard to protect the health and well-being of every kitten and puppy who walks through our doors and needs any kind of assistance. We are committed to providing comprehensive examinations and effective treatment if your young one needs our help.

We will perform efficient Mississauga puppy and kitten first vet visits provided by our skilled and caring team, who are devoted to helping your furry young ones live a long life full of wagging tails and unwavering loyalty. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!